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Thai food is the cultural heritage that represents theThai nationality and presently very popular worldwide. It is outstanding in term of tastes,high nutritional values and diverse of herbs and spices that useful for health.

We present you with Thai Herbs ingredients they have medicinal properies

Chillies (Phrik in Thai)

Chillies have a very hot, spicy taste, and are used for flavoring meats vegetables, and sauces. Chillies are richer source of Vitamin C than citrus fruits. Chili can help stimulate your body immune system against colds.

Kaffir (Ma-Krut in Thai)

Kaffir is commonly used in Thai and Indonesian cooking. Sometimes know as leprous lime,this citrus fruit has a very knobby and intensely fragrant skin, but virtually no juice. The skin or rind is often grated and added to food, whole the fragrant lime leaves are also used whole in soups or liquid dishes and curries, or finely shredded (use scissors) and added to salads.

Lime (Ma-Nao in Thai)

Lime is used principally as a garnish for fish and meat dishes. The fruit contains Hesperidin and Naringin, scientifically proven antiinflammatory flavonoids. Lime juice is used as an appetiser, and has antitussive, antiflu, stomachic and anti scorbutic pro properties.


What People Are Saying

I have lived in the area for over 5 years, and I have been missing out. They have Great food and great service! would definitely recommend eating here. I came with my mom and a friend. We ordered...

Crystal C.

By far my favorite Thai restaurant! The staff is very friendly. The Thai iced tea is perfect! I've ordered to-go and dined in and I have no complaints, the food is delicious and the portions...

Brittany B.

You do not see too many Thai buffets. This one is beyond excellent. It's very worth trying out I'm sure you'll love it. Been coming here for a few years now.

James L.

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